Family Portraits Series

In her series Family Portraits by Women Artists, Lorna Otero appropriates works by women artists throughout the history of art Reinterpreting artworks that depict families as their subjects, Otero’s photographs draw attention the struggles these women endured to gain recognition as artists and the social and familial
expectations of their respective eras.

From the Renaissance through the Surrealist movement, the vision and resolve of these artists played an integral part in the transformation and refashioning of the role of women artists in the home, society and as cultural producers. Otero, incorporates herself along with live models in a tableau that that mirrors the original. Through the performative act of re-staging the paintings of these revolutionary women artists and
documenting it through photography, Otero bridges the gap between time and media. She erases the boundaries between art, design, and performance in order to broaden our vision of the relationship between art history and the family institution, and ultimately, of the intimate time we share today.

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